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The next phase of gender liberation
from patriarchal deformations

Already since the 19. century
the womens liberation movement
is concerned about liberating women
from their traditional role in kitchen, childcare
and church as part of the patriarchal society. For a long
time main concern was to reach an equality of the genders,
but also to regain the female animus* (the inner male part of
the female psyche). Traditionally women were only allowed to
show emotions and follow their intuitive right brain-half, but hindered to
use their left brain intellect - meanwhile men werenīt allowed to show
their feelings and follow their intuition (their inner female part = anima*).
In this mannor men and women were kept dependend from each other
and could easily been forced into marriage and family by societies
authorities, where they were expected to breed and educate
obedient children for the established system slavery.
The ever growing womens liberation movement
reached in some revolutionary waves (especially
in the 1920īs and 1960īs) in many societies worldwide
more and more gender equality. Meanwhile the women
liberated their animus and developed more and more male
traits, conquered former male professions and positions of power.
This forced many men into their genders emanzipation from
onesided masculinity and invited them to explore their
inner anima. So men developed their female side
and became softer and more emotional. Nowadays
a majority of both genders have conquered their
suppressed animus and anima back and have
become more complete. But since the structures
of the patriarchal society in the background hasenīt
changed in the same pace, now emanzipated women
have often become much to much male to fit the needs
of a still male oriented society, meanwhile many men
have become much to soft and weak to be real men still.
At the current state of emanzipation, which I would like to
call "emanzipation 1.0" the patriarchal gender fixation in
traditional roles has mainly vanished, but has left over
a new kind of androgynic gender confusion, where it
can be hard to tell the men from the women and the
attraction between both is as low as never before.
So itīs becoming very clear now, that we need
another step in our gender emanzipation:
"Emanzipation 2.0". This means, that
women are now challenged to
become more femal again,
to reactivate their divine
femininity and enrich it
with their reconquered
animus and their gender
equality. The same way men
are challenged now to reactivate
their divine masculinity and become
full men with an integrated anima and
the ability to live in gender equality.
At the end of the gender emanzipation
movement we could face full women and
whole men, who are collaborating in an
emanzipated society and raise
emanzipated children for a
world of gender equality.


* The concept of animus and anima comes from
the Jungian psychology, which is based on the
worldview of the ancient greek culture, whose
ruling elites were still organized in holistic tribal
gender groups as full women and whole men.
In this worldview every man is psychologically
2/3 male and 1/3 female and every woman is 2/3
female and 1/3 male - with personal and cultural
variations. Modern scientific research shows
this correlation as well in the gender hormon
levels of testosteron and estrogen as in the
tendency to use one brainhalf more than
the other. Male would be therefore
characterized through a higher
testoteron than estrogen level
and a tendency to use the
intellectual left brain half more
than the right half. Female would
be characterized by a higher estrogen
than testoteron level and a tendency to use
the intuitive right brain half more than the left one.


Whoīs got interested now, to reflect the topic of "Emanzipation 2.0"
with me, may contact me curiously and ask for a philosophical discurse.
Beyond that I offer interested men guided MEN CIRCLES to explore
their divine masculinity and the sociallity of a MALE BROTHERHOOD.
Also I consult female guides of WOMEN CIRCLES how to activate
their divine femininity and develop a FEMALE SISTERHOOD.
And last but not least I offer MIXED GENDER CIRCLES to
develop a strong and holistic male-female-cooperation
within groups, communities and an equal society.

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