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Building higher corporate intelligence for the information age economy

Traditional corporations of the industrial age like companies and businesses are quite determined and fixed organisation forms with a certain structure and function, production or service facilities, posts, hierarchies and binding contracts. Itīs hard to change and transform them, grow and shrink them fast, adapt to evernew changes or even create completely new purposes. The bigger they are the more they are slow corporation dinosaurs with tiny management brain and huge unquestioning employees body. They will go extinct in the upcoming information age, which demands highly flexible and intelligent corporation types for itīs everprogressing markets and professional challenges. Two of such higher corporate intelligence types shall be described here.

The first is an entrepreneurs network. Itīs build by independent entrepreneurs with different professions and skillsets, who exchange informations about market situations, clients and commisions. In case of an production or service commision from a client or market the network can form spontaneous and temporary action groups to fullfill the clients wishes. It may be different craftsmen, who unite their skillsets and machinery to organize a interprofessional construction group to build a house together. Or it might be a network of different engineers and workers, who can plan and build a complete factory together. Or it can be a team of computer programmers working temporarily together to metaprogramm a software. If the work is realized, the members of the network can go their own ways or take part in the organisation of another action group. In this way big entrepreneur networks could form many action groups of different sizes up to huge temporary corporations.

Here we enter the realm of swarm corporations. They form bigger temporary organisation forms out of entrepreneur networks, can adapt highly flexible to changing market and commision situations, can grow and shrink as needed, exchange members and their professions, their internal and corporate culture as well as their external output. They could build movable and changable facilities or use regional and international industry parks or server parks and lent or lease machines and buildings for special tasks. They even can move swarm members around the world for their economic activity.

The independent entrepreneurs could secure their income with cooperation contracts and a shared profit. It will make also sense to pay contributions into a common entrepreneurs security, that guarantees a basic income and health services in times of temporary unemployment. An economy, which would support the growth of such highly flexible corporation networks and swarms, could master with highest efficiency the most complex and progressing market situations with free flowing production and service solutions. The adequate corporation type for the upcoming information age and itīs 4. industrial revolution.

In order to achieve the transformation from traditional corporations to corporate networks and swarms itīs necessary to transform the education of the workforce from a mass of obedient workers into autonomous masters of their own business and networkers of bigger corporate entities. Selfempowerment and social competence will become important. The ability to think and decide for themselves with their professional competence and to interact productively with coworkers of different professions, to elaborate a common planning and realizing of projects and even to envision common goals in cocreative teamwork will become basic competence needs for the new workforce. A new kind of education will be needed, in which students can learn the skillsets of souvereign entrepreneurship and creative team work. A whole new bunch of training professions and markets will occur.

Also internet platforms will play an ever more important role to connect networkers, exchange informations, educate the workforce, lease machines and buildings, offer professional skills and services, plan projects together, communicate corporate culture, create ever new flexible corporations, sign colaboration contracts, gain payments and getting security services. All in one. Thatīs much more than nowadays networks like LinkedIn or Xing can manage. So we will need an upgrade of networking platforms.

The elaboration of a machine leasing and building renting culture for flexible corporations without an own machine park and real estate will become important, too. Especially machine parks to lend and lease all kinds of machines could prosper. Serverparks can provide the artificial intelligence capacities needed for all corporate online activities. Especially the 3 D printer technology will become interesting to produce a high range of tools and products where they are needed - and spare time and money for transport and storage. Machine parks in different sizes and machine types can be established locally, regionally and for special, rarely needed or very big machines even nationally and internationally.

This in mind, my idea as an evolutionary philosopher is now, to found a sophisticated entrepreneur network and swarm corporation for the very purpose to develop and implement a new kind of corporate network and swarm culture, to offer entrepreneur education, build an internet platform and connect it with machine parks. For this purpose Iīm inviting hereby enganged and creative pedagogues, software programmers and machinists to form an interprofessional network to realize together an online entrepreneurship school, a networking tech platform and a chain of machine parks in mutual interconnection and collaboration as a prototype version of the new corporate swarm culture. Who is interested in such a common task, may feel heartly invited to contact me for further information exchange:
Entrepreneur Networker

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