G A I AīS   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earthīs brain

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  The neutral spiritual confession of GAIAīS SPIRIT

  Priestless - dogma free - self-awakening

    Free spirituality has the aim to teach spiritual techniques and practices, which want to enable their practitioners to make their own sovereign spiritual experiences. Independent of priests, who place themselves between humans and their enlightenment to gain tribute for access to the spiritual realms. Free of religious dogmas, which try to canalize and control every kind of free flowing spirit into a prefabricated narrow-mindedness. Alternative to spiritual sects, which want to form their disciples by group pressure and enforced believes. The basic idea was already formulated by the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, who wrote about "spiritual asceticism" as the basic technical framework of every religion - a collection of special meditation and contemplation techniques, body posture and movement practices, group rituals and transcendental all-unity-experiences, which produce certain kinds of consciousness in the practitioners, which are experienced as spiritual. Thus a religion can be stripped off all itīs priestly ornaments, law books, behavioural codices and other soft clothings to itīs hard core of spiritual practices. Because the basic kind of spiritual experience is the same in all religions, one can concentrate on reaching the pure experience without any religious ornaments. In my observation the pure spiritual experience is about the following points: The deep self-reflection of ones own being, in which one looks through the superficial ego, social role images and cultural like biological archetypes to experience at last the ghostly nothingness and empty potentiality of ones innermost self. Afterwards awaits the all-unity-experience in which one knows, that this own innermost being is the same as everybodies and everythings innermost being, so that one recognizes themselves as a integrated cell of the cosmical organism or as a spark of the divine or as a creative creature of creation. In this condition the borders between I and world, subject and object, inside and outside are solving and the human being transforms into a "god man". Further spiritual practices want to enable enlightenment experiences, e.g. by darkness meditations, in which the meditator concentrates in a darkened room on the absolute emptiness and darkness in their own innermost self, until they begin to see a light from within shining up, accompanied by ultimate feelings of lifelihood, joy and consciousness. This light is experienced as ones innermost power source and reason for existence, the rise of force and form, space and time out of the dark and empty potentiality in the midst of ones being. Beside different techniques for the mentioned spiritual basic experiences exist a lot of other spiritual practices, which are about reaching certain forms of consciousness, for example journeys into the underworld of ones own animalic and vegetative underconsciousness to heal physical illnesses - or journeys into the upperworld of ones own divine superconsciousness to communicate with higher beings like the collective spirit of ecosystems or celestial bodies like stars and planets. Also the vast realm of group rituals to unite individuals intimately with their community or society to reach social synergy is an important task of spiritual practices. A complete list of all special tasks of spirituality would lead to far here, but it could be said, that the general challenge of spirituality is to connect humans intimately with themselves, each other and the whole. Thus spirituality is the essential glue for every sane society. Where itīs lacking, society falls apart in egoisms, kills itīs own lifelihood and replaces conscious culture with unconscious barbarism. Exactly those are the main problems of our current globalized civilization, which is driven astray by itīs unspiritual materialism alike by the demonic rests of itīs religious fundamentalisms of the past. The better alternative to both kinds of superstition with all their stupid nonsense would be the consequent practice of free spiritual techniques to gain a sovereign own spiritual consciousness. As a spiritual teacher for "self-awakening techniques" I offer interested ones exactly such initiations into free spirituality. Not as a priest of a certain religion or advocate of a certain dogma, but as experienced guide to ones own spiritual self-experience. Whoīs interested now, may contact me and ask for an initiation date:

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Free Spirit

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