G A I A´S   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earth´s brain

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for transformation times

The industrial age shifts into the information age
and therefor the orientation at materialistic values shifts
into the growing appreciation of mental and spiritual values.

The old grown local provinzialism is challenged by
globalisation to grow from monocultural "homeland
only"mentallity to multicultural cosmopolitanity.

The overaged patriarchy is over the top
of it´s dominion over mankind and Earth
and devours itself now in it´s selfmade
system of global greed and violance.
meanwhile in societies subcultures
the fertile soil for the social
paradises to come.

The wild runnig progress of civilized mankind
has reached now an acceleration, that makes
the orientation at fixed worldviews and selfimages
senseless and invites to transform stoneheads into
flexibel brains, age old traditions into ever new innovations
and established culture into a freeflowing collective creativity.
Civilized mankind reaches a state of permanent evolution.
Who can run with the crowd, survives and thrives.
Who runs faster can even lift off.

We live in such fast changing times,
that yesterday´s personal and collective
values often turn out useless today and maybe
will even threaten our survival tomorrow. So we need
urgently new values, even completely new value systems,
that are capable to fit the overall human progress and enjoy
every further development as essential part of human life.
Such values emerge in the current shift of the zeitgeist,
often sensed and expressed first by artists, further
breed in creative subcultures and lastly becoming
visible in new public trends. Societies fast changing
conditions and humans creative response to it
synergize a selforganized dynamic, that tends
naturally to the highest social sensemaking
and organisatory efficiency. The best new
values are always those, which makes
actually the most possible sense
in a given situation or condition.

In the following I want to dare a small comparison
between old vanishing values and newly upcoming
zeitgeist, to give a basic orientation for interested ones:

Old Values
New Zeitgeist
Authoritarian dominion
Ego fixation
Holistic selfconsciousness
Family education
Community life
Power pyramids
Power circles & Swarm intelligence
Centralized bureaucracies
Dezentralized networks
Political representance of the people
Direct democracy
Scarcety economy & ressource depletion
Abundance economy & ressource creating
Money system & economical injustice
Money free wealth for everybody
Nature alienation
Nature integration
Mechanical technology
Organical technology / bionics
Left brain orientation/overmentalisation
Whole brain orientation/heard based intelligence
Unchangable stonehead
Flexible brain plasticity
Tradition & lifelong habits
Innovation & lifelong learning

This list surely is not complete and invites for further elaboration.
So I´m looking forward for more inspirations. Also I offer
on demand an ONLINE-COACHING for interested
ones around the topic of NEW VALUES:

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Zeitgeist receiver & value creator

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