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Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earth´s brain

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Spirituallity is not a question of believe, but of experience.
Certain techniques can enable us to make this experience.
If you train the following techniques for some while, you
may experience first hand your own spiritual awakening:

1.) Meditate and calm down
Retreat to a nice private place
and sit or lay comfortably down.
Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.
Empty your mind and calm your feelings. Just be.
Now open your eyes, see the surrounding world and
realize your inner conditions - and continue just being.
Let sensations, thougths and feelings come
and go and stay calm and meditative.
Then stand up and walk out on
the street to public places.
Try to maintain there your
meditative state and train
regularly to integrate it
in your everyday life.

2.) Observe objectively
Become more and more aware
of all your body sensations. Watch your
thoughts and emotions. Discover your psychological
patterns and cultural traits. Observe the behaviour of
 other people and the forces of culture and nature.
Observe neutrally without any judgement.
Train regularly to come and stay in this
wake state of objective observation.

3.) Learn from life
Life explains itself, if you just
observe it objectively. Happenings
show their causes and circumstances.
Peoples deeds explain their charakter.
A city shows itself as it´s living history.
Plants and animals are signalling their kind
of existence through form and bodylanguage.
Everything is showing sooner or later
what it is.Train this state, until
you let yourself always
be teached by the
school of life.

4.) Reflect yourself
Observe yourself regularly
to discover your different layers
of existence. See through your ego,
which is the story you tell to yourself,
who you believe to be. Observe your
identification with your individual
body and psyche as the frame
of your ego. See through
your personallity as a
construct of social roles,
you have learned to play to
please society. Recognize your
underconscious archetypes like
the hero or the lover or the creator
as the instinctive wisdom of the human
species and all our biological ancestry.
Reflect your selfreflection and observe
yourself as observer - and then observe
the observer of the observer ... and so on.
Try to catch, who or what is actually observing
- and understand, that you can never ever grap
your innermost nature of being. This ungraspable,
invisible and unspeakable is what you really are.
Your innermost self is a complete mystery.

5.) Experience all-unity
Concentrated on your innermost self
look around you into the world. Look deep
into the eyes of people and even animals and find
the same kind of basic innermost self in every single being
reflected back to your own self - and understand, that all of you
are innermost the same universal self. Hug a tree and melt into it´s
energy field - and understand, that you´re both the same kind of
vibrant, living and aware inner self in a different outer shape.
Take a stone in your hand and raise your head to gaze into
the shining sun - look at them, feel them and understand,
that all your atoms and molecules dance the same
ekstatic dance of existence around the same
harmonic laws of nature in an infinitly
intimately interconnected cosmos.
What you are in your core is
the core of the whole universe.
You´re an innermost cosmical being
in an outer individual form of existence:
Universal divinity embodied in human flesh.

6.) Create from your divinity
Your innermost self is not only
the cradle of your consciousness,
but also the reason for your creativity.
You´re as creative as the cosmos and
able to create your fate beyond your inborn
and conditioned state of existence. You can transcend
your animal instincts, overcome your cultural boundaries,
you can improve your body´s and mind´s abilities and even
reach beyond that through your technology. Your fantasy
don´t know any borders and is capable to dream the
unthinkable into realisation. So realize the biggest
imaginable version of yourself in human form.
Shine your inner light into the world,
which is the same basic force that
ignites all the stars in the sky.
Ever remember: You´re
a divine being in
human flesh !

Welcome to your
successfull self-awakening !
If you feel like god alive now - you did it right !
If not, try again and train harder until you finally got it.
Once awakened you will find out, that awakening is not a
state to reach once and stay there forever, but an ongoing
evolution of ever growing consciousness and creativity.


Who´s interested now to learn more about self-awakening
and need some personal consulting beyond the text guide above,
can contact me and ask for a date for a personal awakening coaching
- live from eye to eye or online via telephone or video conference:

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