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Overcoming the trauma driven hell on Earth

    All humans are more or less haunted by traumata during their lifetime. A trauma occurs when a physical or psychical force is violating heavily our mental, emotional or physical integrity. Many traumata occur as natural part of life through accidents, destructive natural forces, illnesses and death. So humans developed certain biological instincts and cultural healing traditions to deal with intense physical and or psychical pain. Instinctive reaction number one is the imediate post-traumatic release of the suffered pain by crying or acting it out. Instinct number two is the social security seeking, e.g. the fallen child, that runs crying to itīs mother to seek consolidation. Emergency instinct number three for cases, in which the trauma stress can not be released fully by body and brain, is the suppression of the trauma into the underconsciousness of the lower brain parts and into certain body organs. The trauma becomes encapsulated in unconsciousness and thus invisible for the wake mind and stops haunting the memory constantly, but remains permanently part of psyche and body. To release such suppressed traumata already the earliest tribal cultures had developed diverse healing techniques as post-traumatic therapies, e.g. travelling back in memory into the original traumatic situation, crying out the suppressed and stocked pain, forgive and find peace in a regained inner harmony.
    But nowadays civilized human beings are not only haunted by natural traumata, but even more by cultural traumata. They come through war and violance, oppression and tyranny, maleducation and abuse. The average civilized person gains so many of them, that a major part of them can not get released fully und thus get suppressed, so that underconsciousness and body become filled with stored stress energy. And the modern materialistic civilisation has lost most traditional healing techniques to deal with this problem. Nowadays psychology is build to treat mere symptoms and repair human psyches like defect machines, so that they will function in an inhumane system again, that made them sick in the first place and will drive them crazy anew. Long term unreleased stress works as chronic inflamation in body and brain and causes in the long run many severe diseases like cancer, heart attacks, strokes and many more. Stress makes the body acidic and oxygen poor and shuts the immune system down, which invites bacteria, fungi and viruses. Even worse: The trauma stress that is stored in the underconscious parts of the brain is acting like a crazy invisible demon. Itīs moving under the radar of the wake mind and spreads deep fear or glowing anger or other suppressed negative emotions. Itīs original mission is to avoid another traumatisation at all costs, but the price is to preserve the already traumatized state. So it drives one to avoid certain potentially traumatic environments or situations, it makes one feel weak like a victim and in need for shelter, despite the price of enslavement for being protected. Or it attacks before it can be attacked itself, when a certain situation occurs that resembles somehow the original traumatic situation. Thatīs the violator who was once violated, the former upbeaten child, who smashes peoples faces as adult now.
    But itīs not only ones own personal traumata that are creating a life full of fear and anger. The hell on Earth really starts, when many traumatized people form a society in which millions of underconscious trauma demons play fear and anger with each other. Thatīs the perfect atmosphere for mass psychosis, for populism and fearmongering, civil unrest and lynch mobs, progroms and genozides, war and dehumanisation of all kinds. And thatīs the way trauma demons procreate themselves. They create out of fear and anger situations in which they can traumatize other people, even their own children. They are as selforganizing parts of the human psyche living entities with an own intention and will to survive, thrive and spread their seeds. They cause bad thoughts, feelings and habits and nourish from the subsequent suffering. When they show themselves openly in the eyes of the traumatizer, they have nothing human. The rapist, the torturer, the drunken father beating up his family, they all have the abyss deep night dark eyes of a demon, when they commit their crimes. This is a primordial being from the reptilian part of the human brain, that knows no empathy, only fight or flight, anger or fear, run or kill. This is the energy that conspiration theorists like to call an invasion of predator reptilians, who keep the human race in slavery. But itīs not an alien life force, but our own traumatized brainstem, that terrorizes us. Until we understand, whatīs going on and begin to heal our traumata. But we have to understand first, that our culture have build in a lot of passive and active resistances against such intentions. The reason is, that the kind of society we live in, has learned to use traumatisations as a driving force of the system itself. A typical example is the closing of the heart in consequence of traumatisations, that can be used to foster replacement needs. When humans would be naturally seeking a loving and compassionate coexistence with their people, but are deeply wounded and disappointed in their heart, they tend to fill their stomach instead of their heart or get intellectually swollen heads or overly sexually orientated. Because the real need for loving relationships is never met, the replacement need begans to rotate in never ever reached satisfaction trials. For an economy that is build on growth this is a perfect condition, because it can sell ever more unnecessary goods and services to people, who just use them for shortterm fake satisfactions. Another example were the Romans, who kept their whole population constantly traumatized by social and structural violance, to have an abundant pool of revenge seeking trauma victims, who coud be used as neverfading source for the Roman military apparatus, which was build to conquer and traumatize other people. Traumatisation plays an essential role in indoctrinating, manipulating and governing people and thus is important to maintain any ruling class in itīs power. Thatīs the reason why especially all dictators and tyrants hate psychologists and healers like the plague, because those healers could recognize the deep traumatisations of the tyrant himself and the profound sickness of the whole society and thus threaten the power that is build on the underconscious fears and angers of the leader like the masses. Our culture donīt want to see itīs own state of deep and overall traumatisation, because then it has to admit, that itīs not valid at all, that itīs not even fully human any more, but an inhumane, insane mob. So the elites like the people avoid since centuries to understand, why they fall from one mass psychosis into the next. They will continue this insanity until they wake up and change it or they will go extinct in the long run by the combination of their cruelness and growing technical power. All traumatisation based empires so far have crumbled after some while through growing corruption, moralic degeneration and internal power struggles due to their deeply traumatized population. Nowadays the modern western civilisation, which has conquered or indoctrinated the whole planet. faces the threat of itīs own extinction by the brute forces of itīs unleashed greed and violance. On a collective level a society, which is so deeply traumatized that itīs not able to function meaningfull any more as loving part of nature and humanity, will try underconsciously to commit collective suicide. Our instinctive nature tries to get rid of the profoundly sick culture, which is poisening our humanity and diminishing our lifelyhood. So our alternatives nowadays are clear: Conscious mass trauma healing or extinction by our own massive collective insanity.
    To walk the way of collective healing instead of selfextinction means, that we will need new kinds of healers. Not mere superficial symptom treaters, but deep diving cause healers. Not repair stations for broken souls in a soulbreaking system, but system critical therapists, who open up life changing perspectives for their patients. We need a new kind of shamans, who are not working for the system, but for humans, not for a fucked up culture, but for the ageold wisdom of human nature. We need visionaries and experimenters, who elaborate new healthy forms of society, which are based on sane love and cooperation instead of insane fear, anger and competition. We need to create and grow a new heart based culture, which works with the trust and confidence, that we humans are meant to strengthen and uplift each other instead of fucking each other up. Our trauma driven society itself has to commit collectively, that itīs not at all the crown of earthly evolution, but the deepest sinfall of humanity. In this sense we have a long and stony path of personal and collective healing before us. But itīs mankinds only way to survive itīs current extinction crisis. So letīs dare to walk this path upright and empowered towards an overall trauma free human sanity!


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