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    GENEA is a transmutation of the Latin word GENS, which translates as TRIBE and can still be found in the English language in Latin rooted words like GENDER and GENTLEMAN. A tribe is selforganized politically as a basic democracy of free people, who live in sovereign gender groups: Sisterhood, brotherhood and selforganized children group. They elect their leaders by free will and always choose those with the highest competence for certain tasks as well as the highest overall nobility. A Genea in comparison to a tribe (Gens) could best be described as a degenerated tribal society of bronce and iron age tribal end times. Itīs left only with a tribal elite on top as ruling minority and an enslaved majority of family people, who serve as the eliteīs working class. It was obviously introduced by conquering tribes of Eurasian steppe herders like the socalled Indo-europeans or Arians, who submissed conquered enemies, destroyed their tribal community structure, isolated them from each other and lastly coupled them in marriage to breed and educate children into slavery. The Roman historian Tacitus decribed some of the Germanic tribes as Geneas with a Germanic tribal elite and a mass of conquered and enslaved people of other tribes. But the worldwide undoubtedly best documented Geneas were those of the ancient Greeks. Their societies had the typical splitted power pyramide, which is the geometrical form of every Genea: On top a tribal elite of the Ionian and Dorian people, who were Indo-european invadors, and as basement of the power pyramid the conquered and enslaved indigenous people of archaic Greece. The conquerors described very detailled, how they isolated the conquered men by sending them alone with a herd of sheep, goats, pigs or cattle deep into the woods and mountains. Institutions like the Spartanian Krypteia (skull hunt), where bands of young warriors were roaming the land in search for herdsmen, who tried to contact their comrades, should guarantee the maintainance of the isolation. Herdesmen, who obeyed the rules loyally, had the opportunity to end their social isolation by getting married with an indigenous woman and create slave children with her. Thus the family was born as a slave breeding institution on behalf of the ruling master tribe. The fabricated culture of the family mass was based on lifestock keeping techniques and practices, which were originally used by the Indo-european steppe herders for taming animals and now served to tame conquered humans for system slavery.
    But the Genea was not able to last. The main reason was, that the enslaved family majority of those societies was able and willing in the course of time to overthrow the minority of their tribal masters and set their own rulers on the throne. The ancient Greeks called them "tyrants", because they were in all cases highly traumatized and neurotical, if not even psychotical leaders of an alienated slave mob. The great Alexander was the most famous of those. After he conquered Sparta, he forced the Spartanian tribal gender groups to dissolve and couple in mass marriages. The tyrants made the family as a slave breeding institution mandatory for everybody, even the elites, so that the whole society became submissed under system slavery and got severly mass traumatized by educational and political submission. Since then all civilized societies, which were originally based on the Genea, remain socially alienated and psychological insane. Since the Romans inherited the Greek culture and all nowadays western societies are still based on Roman law and mindset, the occidental culture is deeply entrenched in submissing their own and other people. The same counts for the Indian cast system, which was invented by Arian conquerors and probably also for the Chinese society, which seemed to be enslaved by wave after wave of innerasian steppe herders, just that the origins are not as well documented due to the enormous age and dark beginnings of the Chinese civilization. But itīs historically due to a lack of investigation still unclear, if similar society structures like the Genea formed in urban civilizations like the Chinese or Sumerian differently than through being conquered by steppe herders. Thereīs still a lot of work to do for coming generations of historians and archeologists, who dare to overcome the still existing taboo of researching the Genea. 
    While the Genea itself crumbled, it left us itīs shadow: The basic structure of the splitted power pyramide, the mindset of masters and slaves and the family as officially sanctified educational institution. Even if the elites lost their tribal integrity, they still continue until today to operate as a collaborative wolf pack. On the other hand the mass of the people continue to stay in the mindset of a divided and conquered herd of sheeple, who are willing and calling to be exploited by the predatory elite. The whole millenia of monarchy were based on this system and even the nowadays socalled "democracies" as well as "socialist peopleīs republics" are still run by bourgoise or working class elites, who submiss and exploit their people systematically. Capitalist and other oligarchies resemble the ancient Greeks tribal oligarchy. The tyranny of traumatized and neurotized leaders continues through all power shifts and newly formed political systems. Itīs eminent in the social structure of the family, which is the main institution for an early educative submission under the rule of the human lifestock keeping society. Since submissed people have an appetite to submiss others in counterreaction, the disempowerment of having being submissed since childhood creates power craving throughout the whole power pyramide. Itīs always the most severly traumatized, who fight their way to the top, from where they begin to traumatize the people with their own unresolved traumata. To hide this facts and avoid digging for their historical causes, the Genea is still socially and scientifically heavily tabooed and not even mentioned by name in the vast majority of history books. The ancient Greek eliteīs social structure is not clearly understand as a tribal community at all, but described instead as an aristocratic oligarchy with democratic politics. Nowhere is mentioned, that here we can study, how civilization destroyed our ancestors tribal lifestyle and declined into system slavery. One has to be a professional historian or archeologist like me and not afraid to touch the tabooed topics of the profession (which I can only afford, because Iīm not working as archeologist any more, but as futurist), to be able to recognize
in the historical and archeological sources the evil roots of mankindīs deep and long social sinfall.
    The only way out of this self-perpetuing system slavery is the conscious self-reflection of the current civilizationīs dilemma and the revival of tribal-like community structures, which guarantee a sovereign selforganization of the people from cradle to grave and in all areas of society. The foundation of "neotribes" will be the key element of civilized mankindīs social healing. Whoīs interested now in diving deeper into this matter, can find practical inspirations for tribal community building in the following infotexts of mine:

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