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Reactivating humans natural community life

A users guide to TRIBAL PSYCHOLOGY

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Studied archeologist,
community experimenter
& evolutionary philosopher

In wild hordes apes grew human.
In free tribes humans created culture.
Patriarchy domesticated humans
to slaves of their own civilization.
In patriarchal civilization crisis
now postmodern tribes want
to bear themselves anew
resume human social evolution
by networking selforganized
tribal power circles into one
global circle of
planetary intelligence.



I. Horde life – a social healing model
for species-appropiate humanization

II. Tribal life - cradle of civilization

III. The decline of tribal life -
civilization long-term crisis

IV. Tribal Newvival

V. Instinct model

VI. Tribal newvival experiments


  The long ages in which humans selforganized in hordes and tribes seem to belong to a vanishing past, since civilized mass societies have conquered the whole planet and integrate or exterminate in our days the last indigenous people. But civilization as we know it is based on patriarchalic submission and exploitation. It tames and uses humans like herds of lifestock and drives all live on Earth into the global domination of system slavery. Yet it has no duration, because itīs deserting nature and corrupting culture. It blossoms violently for some time and then destroys itself by the forces of itīs own greed. Through history just single empires here and there were rising, falling and absorbed by nature, neighbours and successors. But in our postmodern times the patriarchal predatory world domination has reached the level of a global cancer, devouring Earthīs biosphere, on which we all are dependend of. The contemporary survival crisis of patriarchal civilization shows clearly, that we need urgently alternative lifeforms and society structures, which fit better as a sustainable global intelligence. Could the longterm success of the horde and tribal live maybe be such an alternative and worth to try a renewal? Could a multibillion mankind really selforganize as a global supertribe network? Letīs look deeper into the matter to answer this questions ...

I. Horde life – a social healing model for species-appropiate humanization

    Originally humans lifed in wild groups called "hordes", which belong to the most successful group socialization type of the higher mammals. Still there exist some last people like the bushmen of the Kalahari or the Hadzape in East-africa, who organize in this mannor and build social structures quite similar to that of chimpanzees, gorillas, wolfes, lions, elefants, wales or dolphines.
    The group has a typical social structure, that varies in between different animal species and human cultures, but is quite similar in itīs core. It has a manageable number of individuals, so that every individual can build a confidential relationship to every other one. Thereby evolves a highly complex social network, that unifies to common strength as well as it cultivates very differentiated individual behaviour patterns. Group members are highly self-willed and libertarian characters, who ally voluntarily to self-organized societies, which collective intelligence is much higher than that of gregarious or solitarian animals, so itīs not surprising, that theyīre found everywhere in nature on the peaks of the food chain.
    The human horde subdivides like most other higher group mammals in three GENDER-GROUPS: In the center the womens group, which is completely autonomous in itīs lifestyle, including gaining food, organizing the camp and defending themselves against predators. Motherhood is also an important part, not only as a parental role for the mothers, but as a challenge for the whole female group. The group size depends on the food ressources of the territory and can grow, shrimp or split up and look for new territorries with changing diet support.
    Under female protection lifes the agemixed childrens group, in which all children from the ablactents to the pubescents organize themselves. The upgrowing horde children just stay with their mothers as siblings and leaf them, when they get ablactated, to affiliate with the children group. They donīt know their father, who donīt play a parental role. Instead of having parents, the children group is nourished, protected and inspired by the whole horde unconditionally. The adults count on the natural development of infantine instincts, which build the basic frame for a meaningful upgrowing into the individual personality as well as into the group culture. The younger children ask the elder ones for advice and consolation, who are thereby challenged in their instinctive joy of love, to learn already as children to take social responsibility (the wrongly called “mother instinct”). The elder children on their part orientate at the adults of the horde, whoīs lifestyle and culture they imitate playfully and impart to the younger children. Between the elder children begins the separation into gender groups, so that the boys begin to form a own group, in which they play “a team of men” and the girls like to play “Mother” with the younger children. With beginning of puberty the girls are incorporated by the female group and the boys by one the male teams, who try to hire them as their team offspring. The adults then life further in quite different social worlds, like two human subspecies, who complete each other symbiotically.
    And finally the male teams form a freestriping outer race for territorial safeguarding. They have also a completely autonomous lifestyle. Human hordes can form one or several teams, depending on the food ressources and size of the territory. And they can compete with male teams from other hordes of the same population. Out of group dynamic reasons they contain often less but rarely more than an optimum of eleven men, so that theyīre normally smaller than the female group. Bigger teams tend to split and compete for territory, food and access to the female group. Nowadays sport teams and military units still carry on this very old tradition of an optimum of eleven men (ten players and one goalkeeper or ten soldiers and one seargent, originally it was ten adults and one youngster) who are competiting with other teams.
    The three gender groups create highly complex relationships among each other. For procreation they support only the fittest men (the most healthy, attractive, social, creative, etc.), who courts teamwise the fertile women, so that the horde procreates itself upwards the human evolution. For horde people the fullmoon is the time of female ovulation and the fertile women gather with mating yells (the Greeks called it “sirens songs”), which attract the male teams from far around, who are struggling then – mostly ritualized – in courtship dances or other contests for the favour of the women. The fertile women, protected by the rest of the female group, designate the winners and copulate with them in an ecstatic group orgy. Beyond this special horde sexuality humans have cultivated the eroticism as a strong binding agent (mostly inside the gender groups, but also between the genders), which biological meaning is the health promotioning intimate care (sensual skin care und licking body vents). So one can call horde humans heterosexuell and homo- up to bi-erotic.
    Altogether horde humans have an apparently contradictory, but very potent character. They are as well very self-willing individuals, who engage only voluntarily in social life, as they are very social beings, who think, feel und act much more in terms of “we” then “me” as a lifelong habit. Their community is formed as a circle und knows only a “natural authority”, which is awarded to the respectively most capable and experienced in a designated situation, just voluntarily and temporarily (the best tracker leads the hunters to the prey und the best hunter leads then the killing - or young mothers ask the grandmothers for advice in questions of baby care). Beyond this temporary "natural authority", horde humans know a voluntary competence hierachy, which means, that persons who frequently get natural authority from the others, because theyīre especially skilled, talented, lovable or wise, enjoy more attention and appreciation. They donīt have power over the others, but get more "likes". Decisions concerning the gender group or the whole horde are found in long discussions, concordant and on the basis of the greatest common denominator, where everybody wins. So itīs not surprising, that horde humans were described as noble savages by more sensitive civilized men and created the probably most evolved social cultures of humanity. Therefore they can be seen as a healing model of natural socialization for the socially quite neurotical patriarchal society.

II. Tribal life - cradle of civilization

    Human hordes went so successful and well populated in the course of time, that they expanded all over planet Earth and itīs various environments, so that they dwelled so densely in increasing overpopulation since the late Paleolithic, that they cramped their freedom of movement until they had to settle down or squat fixed striping territories. They intensivied their food gathering, first to horticulture and beast management, then to agriculture and animal breeding, grew in horde members and horde organisation to big tribes und confederated with neighbour-tribes to supertribes. At central cultic places like Dolni Vestonice, Göbekli Tepe and Stonehenge the supertribes or their representants gathered for collective rituals and political decisions.
    The tribe can be described roughly as a bunch of hordes, which selforganized to a bigger social unity. That means that there existed one or a few very big female groups and a bunch of male teams who competed inside the tribe for the womens attention and access to ressources. The male teams were often able to selforganize to alliances, which were acting together in cases of defense or common work. The optimum size of eleven men often established as a team norm, like in the case of the spartanian warriors. Also evolved a strong sexual selection between the male teams about the access to the fertile women at fullmoon, whose winners were able to procreate, the loosers not. In ancient legends those competitions were described as battles between gods (the winner-teams) and giants (the looser-teams). In the long run the winners made clear to the loosers that they had to stay away from the women permanently. They usual way to do this was to tell the loosers that women are bad and sinful (the preliminary stage of the later patriarchal believe that women are lesser worth than men).
    In tribal life an increasing number of agreements evolved to a bundle of rules, which had no absolute validity but were seen as a common sense. Especially the competitions between the male teams about the access to the fertile women had to follow certain rules to keep tribe-internal conflicts low. Also in foreign policies agreements between neighbouring tribes were getting more and more importance to avoid war. Therefore the cultural sublimation of the instinctive xenophobia between strangers who had no long-grown confidental relationship became necessary (especially through rituals of appeasement). The implementation of foreign affairs aggreements between the tribes into the internal tribal life became more important, also the implementation of internal tribal rules, especially in times of crisis, when ressources went short (for example when closed seasons for hunted animals or collected plants became important for the long-term survival of the tribe). So the urge grew to transform rules of common sense into fixed laws, which became mandatory for everybody. To demand the meeting of commitments not only in case of crime by punishing the delinquent, but best before, INITIATION RITUALS were developed as part of the so-called TOTEMISM, in which the pubercents were introduced into the adult world by being teached the tribal laws during painful traumatisations like tatooing or breaking out some teeth or cutting the foreskin, so afterwards they tented to avoid illegal activities and further traumatisations. The tribal law often was represented by a TOTEM (a carved pole or stone or some other symbol), to which the initiant should show his or her submission and obedience. In the long run the totem was loaded with the believe that demonic or divine powers where dwelling in it, so that it was the pre-form of all later fetishes and idols (like the black stone in the Kaaba or the wooden Jesus in christian churches). The totem was normally placed visible for all tribal members in the center of the camp to remember the people of the laws and keep their fear of traumatization activated. The bad conscienceness was born to internalize the laws into the people. And the first neurotical diseases came up, because the people had to repress their psychological and physical violation by their own tribesmen to guarantee a functioning social life. The repressed impulses transformed into anger against innocent strangers or other life forms or into fear of invisible demons. In the initiation rituals normally the boys were much more traumatized than the girls because of their greater tendency to stripe free and cross forbidden borders, so that they tend to become more neurotical through their severe traumatisations. Especially the looser-teams in the competition for women tended to create whitchcraft-teams of black magicians who feared and hated women quite neurotically and robbed boys from the children horde to maintain themselves (see the ancient greek history ot "seven against Theben). This is the historical basement of the very toxic kind of patriarchy, which began to dominate violantly in the following ages. The tribal shamans had a lot of new healing work to do to keep the tribe going under this psychologically quite stressing conditions. Overall it can be said that with the violent totemistic initiations the systematic taming of humans by their own society began and the problem of domestication damages and diseases emerged. But for some time the tribes were still capable to master all their growing crisis-problems and sublimation-challenges in the situation of growing overpopulation (agriculture and lifestock-keeping just accelerated this process). They were capable to create huge supertribes, which founded cultic centers from which emerged slowly the first cities. The tribal life style was still typical for the first civilisations - like the Indus Valley Culture - and later still for civilized elites - like the ancient greeks tribal oligarchy. Therefore we can assume that civilisation can surely be based on tribal life style and a tribal newvival in postmodern societies conditions could be still possible. In fact democracy, philosophy, sciences and arts as we still know it nowadays as a base of our societies are the heritage of tribal life (especially of the ancient greeks and the indian democracy of the Iroqois, which inspired the american constitution). And the succesful attempt of the Spartans to finally repeal the initiatian rituals of their Totemism shows quite clearly, that itīs still possible to cancel once commited mistakes. That gives hope, that a conscious selfhealing of civilized societies on the basement of a tribal newvival is possible.

III. The decline of tribal life - civilization long-term crisis

    Unfortunately with further growing overpopulation the tribal life got under growing pressure untill it was beginning to destroy itself. The first clear step in this direction was the taming of the looser-teams by dividing them into single individuals, who were forced to stay isolated in their one little garden or meadow (Adam and the paradise-garden myth), forbidden to seek contact with their former comrades and obligated to do hard work for their masters- The patriarchalically organized indoeuropean invaders of greek (Dorians) described this process very well: They integrated the surrendering local tribes into their society by sending the males as goatherdes, shepherdes or pigherdes alone into the mountains and forests and took care, that they didnīt visit each other (the Spartanian "Krypteia = menhunt"). To counteract the upgrowing depression of the isolated males the obedient ones of the loosers were married with a woman from the local womens group (in the near and middle eastern tradition Adam was married with Eve - also Noahs Ark and the coupling) which was therefore also destroyed (the legend of Pandora). From this moment on the tribe (Latin: gens) transformed into a new form of human society with a tribal elite (mostly the former conquerors) and a mass of family-people (Latin: genea). The family was a perfect tool for the elites to enslave the people. Man and woman as different human subspecies were speaking different languages and had difficulties to understand each other fully, so that they found themselves frequently in the internal war of genders, which weakened their ability to rebel against their masters. Also they were a much smaller economical unit then the tribe and thereby caught in an external struggle for survival. Their children didnīt grew up anymore in selforganizing children groups to become free tribal people, but were educated as slaves of their parents will. With them a completely new type of humans occurred, which was neurotic and amoral, like we know domesticated humans until now. Caused by their economical struggling the families breeded to much children as working slaves and pension plan – and also did not teach them very well -, so that it was just a question of time, until the overpopulated and degenerated masses were able to overthrow their few tribal masters and set their own tyrants on the throne (normally completely crazy characters who based their power on black magic). This process was running around the Earth, so that the vanishing free tribes had to flee deeper and deeper into the last hostile wildernesses, where extinction is overtaking the last ones today. The subsequently so called “evolution” from tribal life to civilized mass societies in reality was a deep fall from free, social humans with a highly developed consciousness into domesticated, telecommanded slaves of an inhuman system. Even the kings and high priests had to bow to the laws of the court and the commandments of the gods, not to speak about their submission under an elaborated education during their childhood. Love and lust as natural social bondings were substituted by an artificicially educated moralty, that was maintained by systematical violence. Curiosity and creativity gave way to blind faith and obedience. Healthy instincts were replaced by artificial substitutes, that rotated in the vicious circles of never satisfied greed. The hence following “sins” conjured the permanent holy war “good against evil”. Because the domesticated humans reacted ever more neurotical to the increasing submission of their nature by their culture, they had to be educated and manipulated ever harder by the respectively ruling system, for getting them still functioning for society. Thereby developed the highly complex educational systems of modern civilizations - to tame and manipulate, steer and organize their elites as well as their masses. The more refined and sophisticated the educational methods became, the more willingly the educated submissed themselves, so that the educational history apparently developed from a violent primitive-patriarchy to the seductive mass-manipulation of postmodern times. Now the education seems quite soft and humanitarian, but itīs much more comprehensive, penetrative and sustainable then ever before. Thereby modern domesticated humans are driven so extremely far away from their nature, that they are also extremely neurotical. So neurotical, that even in the most libertarian societies the people fall from one mass-psychosis into the next and tend obviously to repeated attempts of mass-suicide. Not surprisingly: Where human culture tries to exterminate human nature, nature will trie to get rid of this murderous culture.
    In our times of mankinds imminent global self-destruction itīs getting clear now, that we need urgently a “civilisation-healing”, in which human culture and human nature stop working against each other and start to cooperate again – inside every single human and inside our social systems. An important key to this healing can surely be the reanimation of the tribal socialisation, so that a future society would rather be based on a free, personal development in a healthy, self-organized community than on submission by a sick system. Instead of forming societies out of competitive egos and mass-pressure, the reanimated tribe-like communities could network with each other to big, self-organized basic democracies like the former supertribes – and create a humanitarian, natural policy.
Wouldnīt be a reanimation – or newvival – of tribal life therefore not an interesting experiment to heal a highly disturbed civilisation?

IV. Tribal Newvival

    Well, how could we reanimate tribal life? Under postmodern conditions, that differ a lot from the original stoneage conditions? How could we learn from the mistakes of the paleolithic overpopulation crisis, avoiding to make the same original sins again? The zeitgeist anyway seems opportune for such a project, because in the more liberal western societies the traditional family structures are dissolving partially thanks to the lacking pressure to marry, while the increasing isolation of the single-society wakes the necessity for a new community lifestyle. A chance to newvive tribal life maybe?
    Are there already existing postmodern tribal experiences as an orientation guide? Beside the fact, that there are some last few nature people who organize in tribes (but often totemistically deformed and near civilized extinction now), there are a number of social experiments or alternative paedagogies, who tend more or less consciously or unconsciously to renew a tribal-like lifestyle and learning.
    The probably most succesfull and wellknown project, that comes near to the newvival of children hordes, is Summerhill, a boarding school where the children organize their living and learning broadly by themselves. Because the children have different ages, there occurs not the natural competition of coevals (which is used in traditional schools to develop a competitive society), but the instinctive sense of responsibility for the younger ones and the orientation at the example of the elders. The pupils later arenīt good for egoistic competitors, but for creative self-developers in social networks.
    Also countless basicdemocratically selforganized communities, the urban tribes or the gatherings of the hippies experiment with newvived structures of human tribal socialisation. Typical signs for it are: The civilized power pyramide is replaced by a competence circle of free people. Authority is only given by free will to the most competent in a specific situation, instead of being claimed by brute dominance. Instead of violence and greed, love and creativity is aspirated. Order and obedience are replaced by responsibility and discussion. Children are not educated, but supported in their free social self-development.
    The usual problems of this pioneer-projects originates from the domestication neurosis of the experimenters, whose attempt of common liberation at first stir up the unconscious mechanisms of their domesticative submission. Thereby postmodern community experiments are frequently ending in restrictive group pressure and adoration of a totem (which can be a god or a guru, an ideology or an association charter), which are more an mutual domestication enforcement than a free tribal lifestyle. Often itīs also the unconsiousness of humans instinctive needs – which were tabooed by domesticative education – which prevents an natural socialisation. Therefore a concious social "postmaturation process" seems to be the basic condition for community-people-to-be – which means to liberate their natural instincts and overcome their artificial educational dictations and learn as adults, what they should have learned already as children. Humans only can become truly human out of their own free will to follow the evolutionary wisdom of our species.
    An important question, that has to be answered here, is how the natural human instincts are looking like and in which way they want to express themselves. To prevent a moralizing interpretation by our sick cultural superstructions, it seems sensefull, to orientate ourselves at the study of original tribal lifestyles as well as at the instinctive behaviour of group animals. Thereby the instincts can be graded in the following basic categories, which seem to establish themselves sequently following the history of collective and individual evolution (Ontogenesis).

V. Instinct model

    There is first the oral instinct, that animates animals and humans for the ingestion of food in particular and for the ingestion of energy (warmth, light etc.) in general. It secures the basic energy supply of an individual being or – with higher evolved life-forms – a society. In human development it unfolds and establishes itself in the phase of the sibling. For the majority of civilized adults it is the artificially educated dominant instinct, because the natural impulses of higher instincts often are bowed back to the orality through tabooisation. Thus civilized humans often appear like orally fixed infants and their societies enmesh themselves in lots of inmature kindergarden games.
    Next the anal instinct want to unfold itself in the human infant, which should guarantee the sovereignty and territoriality of the infant. The infant begins to build up self-choosen relations to itīs natural and social environment. In a horde in this phase the infant departs from itīs mother and join the selforganized children group, where it chooses idols among the elder ones. In civilized societies at this moment the family education begins and the infant is forced in this so called "defiance-phase" against itīs own will under the parental will. This goes along with a lot of bigger or smaller traumatisations, that should engrave the lifelong will to submiss itself under external will in the infant. This anal offending leads to a lot of individual and collective inferiority complexes, that are compensated by megalomania – and it leads to the so called narcissism, which is a neurotical mixture of masochistical desire for submission under an external will and a sadistic desire for revenge against being educated (mostly acted out against weaker ones) as compensation. The narcissist appears self-regarding and egoistic, because as an sado-masochist he can not develop a sane relationship with his social environment.
    With the natural entree in the hordes children group the social instinct want to unfold itself through interactions with the other children, which means that the child want to learn to establish itself with all itīs individual talents in itīs actual social environment. In civilized children this tendency is strongly restricted and canalized, because the education want to achieve a social behaviour, that fits to the artificial moralties of the society. The usual educational tool for this operation is punishment and reward. Civilized children learn how to act according to their cultural laws in social interactions, not to socialize themselves out of their own will. Thus they grow up to socially more or less incompetent adults, who function more or less under social pressure in the artificial machinery of their society, but donīt know what real humanity is or how to get happy with each other.
    Accompanied to the social instinct naturally the eroticism want to unfold itself, which serves the sensual body hygiene by stroking and cleaning the skin and rubbing and licking the body vents, which are sensed as especially erotical zones. Healthy children like to play “doctor games” with each other, in which they explore their physical desires and learn to satisfy them, so that they conserve their bodies healthy and happy. In the majority of civilized children these impulses are suppressed by the lust-hostility of their inhibited society, so that they develop a disturbed relationship to their own and each others body and either avoid an easy lust-satisfaction as sinfull or tend to overdriving perversions. They donīt huddle a lot in groups like natural people would do, but sense themselves as physically very divided from other bodies, which makes them an easy prey for competition-thoughts and body-hostile surrogative satisfactions like sucking on cigarettes or alcohol bottles.
    The most specific instinct for humans is the curiosity, which is getting in children very dominant with their growing linguistic competence (anal phase) and naturally is maintained as a lifelong joy of learning into their maturity. Thanks to itīs exuberant curiosity the human brain has grown up to the biggest cerebral organ on Earth. But is this instinct surpressed (“Donīt ask īwhyī all the time, shut up and do, what you are told!”) humans are declining mentally and can be used only as underlings, not able to think and act independently any more. This is the mental condition in which most civilized people are living in, who are as adults normally uncurious, uncreative fatalists (“This and that is like it is and I cannot and want not to challenge and change it!”).
    With the beginning puberty the sexual instinct awakes. Itīs activated by sexual scents (pheromons), courtship sounds (sirens songs) and optical attraction and was meant originally for the mating season around full moon, when the fertile women get horny and the male teams were invited to court for the womens favour, to select only the best for human reproduction. In civilized societies this sexual selection is not maintained any more, so that potentially all men are able to reproduce themselves, what leads to proliferate genetical degeneration of civilized societies. All trials to fresh up the blood of the degenerated from outside resources (like degenerating roman nobles tried it with adopting young germanics or nowadays infertile parents try it with genetic engineering) are not working in the long run. By the imposing of the so called wedlock-duty women in patriarchalic societies had to play the domestic whores for the supposed sexual desires of their husbands – whereas really was meant the satisfaction of the male eroticism, that has to express itself als an artificial pseudosexuality, because of the tabooing of the natural homo-eroticism (which caused by the way the unnessesary overproduction of genetically ever inferior descendents). Even the sexual liberation experiments of the last decades in the western world just produced more and more perversions, because their experimenters never learned, to discern sensefully sexuality from eroticism.

    In summary postmodern civilized humans are nearly all instinctively impoverished oder even hostile against every natural desire in them. They submiss the most of their natural impulses, which are meant to maintain humans 1.) able to survive 2.) able to enjoy life 3.) able to become truly human (in the meaning of individually free unfolded and socially competent). Thereby civilized societies are despite their blown up moralty systems extremely inhuman, asocial, nature-destroying and not able to survive in the long run. Recurring apocalyptic fantasies and very real civilisation breakdowns are a subsequent phenomenon of civilized perversions. Civilisation as a whole was only able to survive until now, because it displaced itīs problems ever far out (for example by colonizing new environments after exploiting and destroying itīs own environment). Facing the nowadays globalisation this seems ever more difficult, because there is no more untouched environment on an Earth, which nature is going to be killed by perverted humans. And still we are not really able to conquer outer space (what surely is best for other planets). No surprise, that now a lot of people get conscious, that we only have left the choice between mankinds suicide or a new integration in nature. Which cannot mean only a technological turning to more ecological and sustainable technologies, but must include a liberation of our own natural instincts and tribal lifestyle. But: Not as a regression into stoneage, but as a progression in a new planetary naturallity-culture.

VI. Tribal newvival experiments

    Well, what is important to note now, if a civilized human want to join with others to form a new tribal community?
    First of all itīs an urgent need to accept the fact, that the so called “Civilisation” is definitely not the crown of human evolution, but an original sin of inhumanity and nature-destruction and a dead end of devolution. Patriarchally civilized humans are merely the domesticated lifestock of their society. And because nearly all living humans are civilized in this insane way, this is valid for ourselves, too. Normally we are not really free, not fully capable to love, not completely sane and happy only at rare occasions. We are trimmed souls, tamed and trained to be dwarfs, the brain filled with extrinsic programms, that telecommand us in the name of a system that tries to enslave not only us but the whole world. We were not allowed since early childhood, to unfold freely our potentials – and what we were allowed to unfold, is now often bent neurotical and hostile to our own humanity. Who is not strongh enough to take this unwelcomed truth, should better leave the whole topic alone. And whoīs getting no hunger for selfhealing after this horrible appetizer, should not be so impertinent to join a tribal community foundation.
    The first step of selfhealing is the social post-maturation in a therapeutical group as a pre-amplifier of tribal life. That means for civilized adults, to retransmute into little children and play with each other a free social life like in a tribal children group – without education, moralty, taboos or other restrictions. For logical reasons such a therapeutical group should orientate at the instinctive model like described above, because itīs mainly the animal in us, that we want to uncage and use itīs ageold evolutionary wisdom as a healthy base for our humanisation. Itīs important to diet our oral-instinct. that is normally overeated with various addictions, to empower our anal instinct to unfold to our full self will, to approach each other erotically and awake our physical delights, to socialize selforganized by caring for the weaker ones and orientating at the strong and wise ones, to encourage our curiosity for everything and everybody and to live our sexuality only in competition for the reproduction of the fittest (our other physical delights we can satisfy erotically). Our instincts communicate themselves by various lusts, which we can feel intuitively raising in us. In a social context an honest reflection and communication of these lusts and a playful intuitive acting is important. But not every raising desire is instinctive, but often instead a neurotical surrogate for a tabooed instinctive impulse, which wants in reality something quite different, so itīs important to see intuitively through itīs artificially transformed surface. There are a lot of therapeutical techniques, which supports the intuition, like freudian dream analysis or the automatical techniques of the surrealists.
    From experience, the social post-maturation is a long and often laborious process. The inner domestic censor is trying to sabotage the therapy, defending the extrinsical programms in the own brain against every trial of self-empowerment. Narcissism plays itīs sado-masochistical games with the narcissism of others. The ego is anticipating the socialisation with itīs need of selfisolation. Emotional addictions (for example between mother and child) donīt want to loose their grip to open for new emotional patterns. The social immaturity causes a lot of troubles and neurotical movies. And last but not least there will be a high resistance from the patriarchalic society in the background against every trial of bewildering, because it entices a useful sheep, that can not be exploited any more. Only the ones, that are willing to take and solve this troubles creatively, will be able to succeed from the therapeutical group to a real tribal life. But itīs quite probable, that once tamed adults never can heal completely their domesticative damages, but are able to heal themselves up to a rest of acceptable neurosis. Fully developed tribal humans can only grow up as children in the horde-specific children group. Therefore these children hordes will be the central moment of tribal socialisation, because they are able to support a civilisation healing in just one generation through raising naturally socialized humans. The foundation and spreading of such children hordes will surely be the main key for a fast rehumanisation of civilisation.
    With this in mind I wish everybody who is still interested now a successful healing process through common bewildering – and Iīm eager for your questions, inspirations and experiences about this theme, dear reader.
Freigeist von Lebenskunst            Berlin, 2013


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