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Everybody is talking about the MATRIX, since the movie was published,
but very few understand, what the real matrix, we indeed live in, actually is,
how it works, what itīs purpose is and how itīs unfolding itīs own self-driven dynamics.
To make it short, itīs a set of black magic techniques, that was developed by Indo-European
steppherders for war, conquest and slavery. Itīs purpose is, to enslave conquered populations,
keep them in a state of permanent enslavement and even to breed and educate children into slavery.
Itīs roots are obviously animal lifestock keeping techniques of the inner Eurasian steppherders,
that have been modificated into human lifestock keeping techniques. The best description of
those techniques are certainly found in the ancient Greek literature. The Ionian and Dorian
Indo-European invaders from the black sea coast, who were conquesting ancient Greece
since around 1.500 BC, enslaved systematically the indigenous population majority,
that was already living in this area since the last ice-age. They described very
detailled, how they forced, manipulated and indoctrinated the indigenous
population into a permament systematical slavery. The Romans as
highly advanced slave keepers later refined those techniques until
they formed the social base matrix of all current western civilizations.
Similar techniques were applied and developed by other inner Eurasian
steppherders like the Mongols or Turques, who established their matrix
in their conquested territorries. But none of those techniques are found
mentioned in any official history book, because the ruling elites were and are
quite interested in keeping them as secretive as possible to maintain their power
over the people. Iīm just quite familiar with the Indo-European domination matrix since
I studied archeology and researched a bit deeper into the topic, than my history books would
have allowed me just by superficial review. And my studies showed me, that the matrix has
obviously developed quite early itīs own dynamics and enslaved even itīs ruling elites,
since all Indo-European and other steppherdersī elites were overthrown in the long run by
their enslaved population majority and forced by them to adapt the matrix for themselves.
The ancient Greeks called this system "tyranny" - a system we still live in today. So even
if our nowadays ruling elites still know, how to systematically indoctrinate their populations
with black magic, they have to obey the same black magic for themselves - and often without
even knowing it fully consciously. So mankind has trapped and doomed itself systematically
into a SELF-ENSLAVEMENT-TRAP of permanent and overall enslavement of all living
humans - masters and slaves alike. I want to describe this trap very detailled in the
following text, including how it works - and how to escape it successfully.
I hope, you will use this knowledge for your own and your peoples
successfull self-liberation, dear freedom loving reader!

Black magic techniques for human enslavement:

1.) Divide and conquer - ego-isolation and competitive society

Originally humans as typical group mammals
self-organized in tribal communities. To enslave them,
it was necessary to destroy their community and isolate them
from each other. The ancient Greek elites used to force captured men
to go as herdsmen alone with a herd of goats, sheep, cattle or pigs
into the woods or mountains. Others were isolated on a lone farm
to produce agricultural products for their masters. Institutions
like the Spartan "Krypteia" (skullhunt), where bands of young
warriors roamed the land to prevent herdsmen and farmers,
to visit each other and organize themselves anew, maintained
the isolation. The Romans splitted captives of the same tribe
and sended them towards different corners of their empire
to prevent their contact and possible rebellion. If the slaves
were allowed to breed children, they had to be raised in
isolation from a tribal community, so that they grew up
already in a quite egoic mode. The ego-identification,
that rose from that kind of education was and still is
a social disorder of socially deprived slave people.
The masters even perfected this social isolation
by establising a competitive society, where the
slaves learned to compete with each other for
scarce ressources and even control and
denounce each other on behalf of the ruling
class, which had much lesser work with
controlling the people from above. A
well trained slave herd keeps itself
automatically in a permanent
human lifestock mode. And they
continue to do so, even if their masters
are overthrown and exchanged by a new
ruling elite from within the slave herd.
An elite, that is deeply egoic and
competitive for themselves.

2.) Couple, breed, educate - The patriarchal family

Slaves, who were obeying the rules
of the matrix, where allowed to couple
in matrimony of one man and one woman.
A completely artificial institution, that has
nothing in common any more with the original
tribal procreation. The resulting patriarchal FAMILY
was an economically much smaller unit then the tribe
and therefore trapped in a permanent struggle for
survival, that made a rebellion against the ruling
class quite improbable. The children of the slave
family had to be educated (tribal children learn
by self-organization in an age-mixed children
group) by their parents towards fitting into
their societiesīmatrix. Since then children
have to suffer under an education, that is
traumatizing them from early childhood
on to hinder their sovereign unfolding
and guarantee a competitive egoic
isolation and social survival struggle.
Education uses traumatization systematically,
to keep the slaves weak and force them
into obligatory obedience. While early
educational systems worked quite rude
by open punishment and reward, latter
educational systems (like our nowadays
ones) use much more refined indoctrination
methods, that make the educated ones belief,
that they act from a point of personal free will,
when they follow the learned rules of the matrix.
Like Goethe said rightfully: "The most hopelessly
enslaved are those, who falsely belief to live in freedom".

3.) Infantilize and dumb down

Important part of the matrix education is to keep the slaves
lifelong in an infantile state, where they stay dependent
on the system, that rules over them. To achieve that,
the children are hindered to leave their mother with
abluctance (2-3 years), when tribal children join the
self-organized children group, that lives as an own
 social entity inside the tribal community and teaches
the children to become sovereign persons inside a
sovereignly self-organized community. Educated
children normally stay lifelong socially, emotionally
and mentally inmature, so that one meets physically
upgrown adults, who still behave and think like little
children - boys and girls in the bodies of men and women.
To avoid, that the slaves begin to think for themselves, their
masters developed a social worldview, where the society is
compared with a human body and the different social classes
as different parts of the body. While the masters compared
themselves with the brain and saw themselves as rightful
philosopher kings, the enslaved population was seen as
muscles and organs, that were made to work for the brain.
So while the masters got a higher education to boost their
intelligence, the population was hindered to learn to much
and even was intentionally dumbed down by propaganda.
This breeding of mass stupidity is till today, where schools
and mass media are the main dumbing down institutions,
one of the best guarantees for any ruling elite to
maintain as a smart minority their power
over a majority of stupid people.

4.) Despiritualize and dehumanize

Extremely important is, to decouple the slaves
from their own innermost divine being as a spiritual entity,
so that they become indoctrinated to seek the divine outside of
themselves, where the official priests of the system teach them
to pray to a far away god or gods, who must be appeased with
matrix conform deeds and prayers. Those gods always are
angry with the disobedient ones and want them to burn at
the stake or perish at the cross or just been beaten to death
by the angry slave mob, telecommanded by their masters.
And if despiritualization is not enough, people can easily
become dehumanized by their living conditions or bad
treatment by the ruling class or transhumanistic
transformation from humans into machines.
The lesser divinity and humanity slaves
have, the easier they can be manipulated
and exploited like robots for whatever purpose.

White magic techniques for human self-liberation:

1.) Unite and self-organize

Free humans originally lived and thrived in tribal communities,
before they got separated and enslaved by slave hunters.
So the re-unification into tribal communities is the adaquate
way to self-liberate and socialize with other free people.
And to make the tribe independent from the patriarchal
matrix, itīs important to self-organize an autark lifestyle,
where the community can provide itself with food,
shelter and all the other human essential basics - and
build beyond that independent exchange networks with
other sovereign communities as part of a free society.
But to be able to do so, one must learn first, to
socialize in a natural mannor, that was normally
never taught in school or by the parents, but was
systematically suppressed by the matrix. Itīs
all about learning group socialization - and
I donīt mean the kind of socialization in a
hierarchical power pyramide, thatīs typical
for patriarchal societies. I mean socialization,
thatīs based on real empathy and collaboration.
Most people would have to train this skills, before
theyīre even able to really socialize themselves
in no-egoic ways. I suggest to build with friends
or other likeminded people, what I like to call a
"post-maturation group", where one can train
to sozialize for community life. White magical
techniques to support this step, would be rituals
for "heart-feasting" to strengthen oneīs empathy
for others, for "social playfullness" to come into
a flow state of easy socialization and not to forget
"self-empowerment" to overcome oneīs socially
constructed matrix-ego towards a real own willing
self-consciousness, that tends to develop itīs own
personal talents and inclinations to enrich the
community with an authentic and unique self.
Interested ones can ask me for deepend
insights, how to hold such rituals exactly.

2.) Tribalize in GENDER GROUPS

Tribal communities are self-organized
in three gender groups: The female sisterhood,
the male brotherhood and the self-organized children
group. They are autark for themselves, but collaborating
inside the tribal community. The main socialization is happening
with the same sex, not between the patriarchally invented couple of
one man and one woman, who submiss their children under an education.
So the traditional monogamic couple as well as family life and child education
has to be overcome by any real adapt of a sovereign community lifestyle.
Oneīs liberation from the false ideology of romantic love of the "only
you" style and of child education is essential for true relationships
between free people. One can trust, that there will be always
enough love for oneself in a healthy community - and that
children learn free willing by their own enormous curiosity
and playfullness, when itīs not suppressed by enforced
patriarchal education. The adequate white magic techniques
would be to organize menīs and womenīs circles to strengthen
gender group competence and founding a self-organized children
group to let the next generation grow up in freedom from the
very beginning of their sovereignly social community life.

3.) Mature and learn lifelong

If one wants to rise above the quite normal social infantilization,
itīs necessary to seek personal and social challenges in life,
on which one can grow and strengthen their character. One should
look for hardships to overcome, for problems to solve, for tasks,
that make one stronger and more resilient. And very importantly:
One as to overcome the pursuit of happiness, which is an infantile
state of being, that is biologically normal only for siblings, who are fed
and carried and cared for without having to do anything to achieve that. Thatīs
early childhood paradise. An adult in the opposite has to get his or her life
 managed in an imperfect world and has to socialize in a complex and
complicated society. That makes no-one happy all the time, but offers
a deeper fullfillment by getting all the tasks of a complex human life
solved and becoming ever wiser and more resilient this way. Supportive
white magic techniques would be rites of passage for maturity, like theyīre
in use till today in indigenous tribal people. A typical example would be
the transition from boyhood to manhood in a maturity initiation rite.
A lifestyle, that is based on maturation, is automatically a livestyle
of constant learning and psychological growth. Learning people
donīt tend to be stupid, but to become ever smarter and wiser.
White magic tecniques to boost the ability and willingness
to learn lifelong, would be curiosity inspiration rituals,
which would boost the instinctive playfull curiosity,
that is every humans biological attrribute from
unfolding childhood on into the wisest old age.

4.) Awake and humanize

Self-liberation and free social self-organization will
never work with traditional patriarchally formed religiosity
or with an alternative materialistic and atheistic worldview, thatīs
also part of the patriarchal matrix to overcome. Freedom and a real
spirituallity are intrinsicly connected, because real spirituallity
aknowledges the divine in oneselvesī innermost like in each
others innermost. Thereīs no external god to bow oneīs
knee to, but we are all divine sparks, playing the divine
creation of life together. Typical white magic techniques
to support this kind of awakening would be gnostic initiations
into oneīs innermost self - the power source of our life and spirituality.
Part of this spiritual self-awakening should be a progressing HUMANIZATION,
which is about the unfolding of higher human faculties, of feasting ones heart,
widening ones consciousness and boosting ones creativity. Human evolution
is about becoming lesser and lesser animal like and more and more human,
up to superhuman heights of human divination. White magic techniques
to boost this evolution would be humanization rituals.

Dear readers:
If you want to deepen one or some of the mentioned topics,
please feel free to contact me and ask for more informations,
helping advice or practical initiations. This infotext here can
just offer a general orientation - ones personal self-liberation
needs a much more individualized approach. So ask me for that:

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Matrix researcher and resolver

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