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as Earthīs brain

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Freigeist von Lebenskunst


A swarm is a temporary collective gathering of individuals in the virtual and/or real world. Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, a swarm of humans is highly flexible, spontaneous and improvisative. Itīs the optimal form of collectivisation for spontaneous mass actions.
To build a swarm itīs necessary first to create an ATTRACTOR IDEA to gather interested people around it. "Earth healing" is such an idea. It attracts people, who want to do something collectively to heal our beloved homeplanet from human damages. The attractor idea best is emotionaly highly loaded, like with sorrow for our common future and the felt urge to change something.
Next the interested ones need a MEETING POINT. That can be at the beginning a website in the internet, where people find informations and inspirations, can discuss and exchange ideas and opinions. When a common sense is reached, the swarm can meet in real life for preplanned actions. But people may use the internet just for dating in real life to discuss and plan from face to face and then realize concrete actions.
At the meeting point itīs sensefull to perform a UNIFICATION RITUAL, where all members of the collective can come into common coherence in a highly positive emotionalized mannor. Best perform one ritual before and one after the meeting. It can be realized through common singing, praying, dancing, meditating, hugging, whatsoever technique of unification, that brings the people into one coherent group flow.
To complete the unification ritual the whole collectice can swear to support and protect and look for each other, so that a trustfull EMPATHICAL CONNECTION emerges. This creates a subtle electromagnetical field of connected hearts, in which the members of the swarm can feel themselves and each other as walking cells of a greater collective being and can act in physical swarm coherence much faster than brain based.
Then the elaborated action plan has to be realized in one or more practical actions, to reach the goal of the attractor idea - in our case Earth healing through specific actions like space cleansing or ecosystem restoration. 
During the action constant communcation and social awareness between the swarm members are ensuring a coherent INFORMATION FLOW and spontaneous response to changes in the swam environment and internal swarm dynamics.
After the action itīs essential to celebrate together the event to deepen the emotional bond between the swarm members and exchange experiences for further collective development.
A swarm can be formed just one time for a very specific purpose or meet more often for regular or irregular events. A long existing swarm can transform into a more consolidated collective organisation form like a community, a network, an asoziation, a corporation or other organisation. The new collective form maintains the attractor idea, unification rituals, empathical connection and information flow of the swarm and just transforms temporary meeting points into a more grounded organisation space.


SPACE CLEANSING - Look for the next wasteland in your neighbourhood, best a really fucked up place full of garbadge. Or the next city park, where the ground is full of cigarette buds.
Organize all necessary official authorizations to cleanse the place. Collect a bunch of interested friends and make public advertisements (e.g. posters in the park to cleanse, Facebook calls etc.) to collect more interested people to form a CLEANSING SWARM. Meet, melt together, make action!

SPACE BRIGHTENING - Cleansed spaces as well as other spaces which are treated with lack of respect or are just grey and boring are a perfect ground for street art, city regreening, land art, wasteland renaturalisation and many other acts of brightening up fucked up places.
Organize all necessary official authorizations to create the space. Collect a swarm, plan the details, make action and celebrate the beauty you created!

EARTH SANCTUARIES - Check out public spaces for a good place to prepare an altar or a prayer tree or wish fountain or power point or whatsoever sanctuary for the living Earth. Organize all necessary official authorizations for the action. Collect a swarm of interested people and all the materials you need. Meet, melt, make action: Construct and sanctify!

COLLECTIVE MEDITATION - Create a meditation or contemplation of your choice about Earth healing and hailing, Earthing or Earth consciousness. For example imagine collectively, that mankind is meant to be Earthīs brain and we humans as mankinds globally interconnected braincells. Then send this group image out to all mankind. Or visualize and enhance feelings of  global love for all Earthlings. Collect a swarm at a meeting point - it can be calm and private or public and energetic, dependend on the main focus of inner transformation or effects on the outer world. In public space organize
all necessary official authorizations. Meet, melt, make action: Meditate for global consciousness!

More action inspirations to come ...

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