G A I AīS   S P I R I T
Evolutionary spirituality for
mankinds awakening
as Earthīs brain

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W h a t   i s   t h a t ?

Basic orientation
for practicioners:

to bring Humanity and Earth in
harmony & synergy again &
to heal the many wounds of
environmental destruction
& alienation from nature, life
hostility & dehumanisation,
our home planet and ourselves
are suffering from human activities.
Not as a retreat to stoneage conditions,
but as well cultivated integration of
our highly technological global
civilisation into living nature.

1.) Biosphere Healing:

Renaturalisation of damaged ecosystems,
reforestation & desert regreening, permaculture
gardening & city regreening, urban farming &
organical architecture, integrated technologies
& regrowing resources, communication with
living nature & itīs forces & beings.

2.) Space Healing:

Cleansing, brightening, regreening,
revitalizing, energizing, humanizing,
land art, biological diversification,
construction of
earth altars, power points,
natural & cultural

3.) Self Healing:

Nature integration & naturallity culture,
selfreflection & responsibility of our
earthly deeds, awakening of our
healthy instincts & holistic
intuition, life affirmation &
selflove. To heal Earthīs
nature with a healthy
human culture means
 to heal ourselves
personally first
and foremost.

4.) Collective Healing:

Empathy for all Earthlings,
  good deeds, common nature rituals,
all-unity experiences, collective consciousness
of lifes immortality & overall interconnectivity,
new cultural treaties with nature. Only a
healthy collectivity can cultivate a
healthy human relationship
with the whole Earth.

Who want to deepen now the topic of  EARTH HEALING
with me, may visit one of my WORKSHOPS or ask me for a free
date for an ONLINE-COACHING or contact me to exchange inspirations:

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